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The task of communicating news is easy but balancing the news is a difficult task. As easy as it is to select the material, it is very complicated to determine the surface and depth. It is said that where the weapon is inactive, the pen becomes active. Journalism in a simple sense is the destination of the mainstream where the purpose and goal is only one, ‘Truth, facts and impartiality.’ At the same time, you will find ‘past, future and present’ in one place within

We are trying to gather the news gathered from the crowd of thousands and the hidden pages within the same news, with the same belief to bring to the mouth of the squeeze, with the same belief, to warn about the overall theme, the mantra of change and to stick to the side of the truth.

We will look with the eyes that become invisible through the eyes of a single group or sect. We will take up those themes which are falling apart despite separate efforts. We will seek out those voices that have been silenced by exploitation and oppression. Yes, we have come out in a race to do justice to the voice of the people, where there are more runners than runners.

It is not standing in the front row of the queue which is done only by desire. It is not gaining popularity which is very cheap. We do not run in that race in which there is no goal. We don’t want to stick to someone’s wall, we only use them to decorate the wall. Yes, we only believe in truth, fairness and balance. By carrying the reality of the past, we are moving forward in the journey of making the present strong and the future golden and capable.

With these strong thoughts and beliefs, we have come to you through online digital magazine. We express our sincere gratitude to everyone who supported us to take this step. We will be grateful to all the readers, viewers and well-wishers who will join us in the coming days. We hope that the love, support and support we have received in our initial steps will remain alive.