Biden takes Michigan; says “clear we will win”

Joe Biden

WASHINGTON: US Democratic challenger Joe Biden has said it is clear he is winning most of the states to take the US Presidency, despite outstanding some key results.

“When the count is finished we believe we will be the winners,” he said in a speech minutes before projections showed him winning Michigan.

So far, Biden has got 264 electoral colleges votes while his Republican contender Donald Trump has 214, according to Fox News.

However, the final result will come down to key in the undeclared battleground states such as Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, BBC reported.

So far, Republican Donald Trump is projected to win 23 states, including Ohio, Texas, and Florida.

Trump has alleged fraud saying he will launch a Supreme Court challenge.

Likewise, Biden’s campaign calls Trump’s statement “outrageous” saying that the counting will not stop.

In a brief statement Wednesday afternoon, Biden said his campaign was on track to win 270 electoral votes but that he was not declaring victory until the count was completed in key states.

“Here, the people rule. Power can’t be taken or asserted,” Biden said, in a speech in which he tried to create the aura of a winner, pledging to bring the country together and to work for national healing as president.

Over 100 million people cast their ballots in early voting before the Election Day, setting the country on course for the highest turnout in a century.

To be elected, a presidential candidate must win at least 270 votes in what is called the Electoral College.

(With inputs from Agencies)

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