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504 Nepalis arrive home after Taliban take over Afghanistan


KATHMANDU:  After the Taliban took over Afghanistan, a total of 504 Nepalis have arrived home so far.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 356 more Nepalis have registered their details in the web portal of the Department of Consular Service till Sunday evening for the rescue and repatriation.

The government has already formed a taskforce to rescue and repatriate Nepalis stranded in Afghanistan after the recent political developments there.

The taskforce held its seventh meeting on Sunday and discussed the ways for the rescue of Nepalis still stranded in Afghanistan, coordination with the neighbouring countries, repatriation process after their rescue and other related issues.

The rescue operation has taken place on the basis of the registration of the stranded Nepalis in the web portal and their details given by the Nepali Embassy in New Delhi and the situation center.

Similarly, one can contact at mobile numbers 9749326458 and 9749326459 through Viber and WhatsApp for rescue. Friendly nations have helped in the rescue of the stranded Nepalis by sending their flights to Kabul. (With inputs from RSS)

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