Disability Friendly Sexual and Reproductive Health Guideline Orientation in Dhangadhi

धनगढीमा अपाङ्गता मैत्री यौन तथा प्रजनन स्वास्थ्य निर्देशिका अभिमुखीकरण

Dhangadhi : Disability-friendly sexual and reproductive health guidelines have been oriented in Dhangadhi, the temporary capital of Sudurpaschim Province. The event was organized by Netra Heen Yuva Sangh on Thursday.

After the Family Division gave the blind youth association the responsibility of creating a guide on safe maternal, sexual and reproductive health, the youth prepared the guide in collaboration with the Family Division and collected more suggestions on the guide, to correct any errors or to include some new issues in the guide, and to include disabilities in the guide. Arjun Rawal, Kailali district president and central member of Netrahin Yuva Sangh Nepal, organized the orientation program to inform the people about the guidelines.

Similarly, Rupa Rai, who has been advocating for disabled people for a long time, has demanded that it is better to bring or create a guideline and follow it to the letter.

In the same way, another participating speaker, Nanda Raj Bhatt, secretary of the Nepal Disability Federation, Sudurpaschim Province, pointed out the missing points, the production, management and distribution of auxiliary materials for disabled people, the coordination of the organizations that are working on the issue of disabled people, and the governmental side must coordinate in the initial stage. Provincial level hospitals Seti urged to include subjects such as mandatory interpreters in provincial hospitals to be implemented in the guidelines.

Similarly, Bhim Bahadur Shah, the former president of the Nepal Disabled Federation, Sudurpaschim Province, while narrating his experience of advocating on the issue of disability since the 20th year, said that no matter what office he goes to, the only answer he gets is that it is not disabled friendly because the physical structures are old. Shah has claimed that the issues included by the government, which has taken five years to make the guidelines, will not be implemented, saying that they will, will and must be done. He expressed his doubt that the implementation and creation of the said guidelines will be successful, saying that this is not out of anger, but from clear experience since the 20th year.

Similarly, Pushparaj Joshi, who works in the Family Welfare Division, how can disabled people be addressed to ensure their constitutional rights and what are the disability friendly health institutions. What are the respectful words used to call or identify people with disabilities? He said that a directory has been prepared covering various topics and on top of that, it has been directed to collect suggestions and add missing things. Joshi said that since the program also suggested that there should be information centers in hospitals instead of help desks and better implementation, those topics will also be included in the guidelines.

The presentation on disability friendly sexual and reproductive health guidelines was made by Pushparaj Joshi of the Family Department, and more than 70 people including disabled people including the central president of the Blind Youth Association and the city chief of Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city Gopal Hamal were present in the program.

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