Bijaya Dashami today, auspicious time for tika at 10:19 AM

Bijaya Dashami today, auspicious time for tika at 10:19 am

DHANGADHI: The auspicious hour for receiving tika as a prasad of Nawadurga on the occasion of the Bijaya Dashami festival is at 10:19 am on Monday.

However, since Bijaya Dashami or the tenth day of the Bada Dashain festival is itself auspicious, tika can be received and put at any time in the day, says the Nepal Calendar Determination Committee.

Likewise, the auspicious hour for Devi Bisarjan is 10:11 am. Tika, as a prasad of Durga, is received from elders and seniors in the family starting from today until Poornima, the last day of the Dashain festival.

Dashain is the 15-day festival celebrated by Hindus of Nepal, and they receive Tika, as a symbol of blessings from the seniors, on the 10th day of the festival.

The worship of Sri Durga Bhawani at Dasainghars over nine days concludes formally on the day of Bijaya Dashami after the Abhishekh or sprinkling of holy water takes place, marking the beginning of tika.

People receive tika and jamara till the full moon day. Tika and jamara are considered the auspicious gifts of the goddess Nawa Durga and they signify prosperity.

Most Hindus of Nepal continue receiving Tika and blessings from the seniors for the next five days after the main day, called Bijaya Dashami.

It is believed that one need not seek an auspicious hour if one undertakes any new assignment, campaign, or journey on the auspicious day of Bijaya Dashami.

The Bijaya Dashami festival is celebrated in commemoration of the victory of truth over evil and divine forces’ victory over demonic forces.

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