Former People’s Liberation Army’s state level meeting:… Sacrifice wasted, now let’s carry the country’s flag, not the party’s!

Former PLA's meeting...

The Independent Former People’s Liberation Army is going to gather state level representatives. A meeting held in Dhangadhi on Saturday has decided to convene a state level representative within the month of March.

From the meeting, a 25-member committee formed under the coordination of KB Ayadi will prepare the meeting along with publicity. Sanjay Kattel, who is also the commander of the former People’s Liberation Army, urged the people to move forward for the flag of Nepal and the social sector without carrying the flag of the leader and the party. He also claimed that the organization was not for any party but for the social sector.

Giving information about the program, he said, “We cannot fit into any political party because now there is no such party in Nepal where we can fit where our objectives and goals meet.” We sacrificed not for the leaders but for the mother of Nepal, the country and the nation, but it also burst like a water bubble. Probably because he dared to change the face of the nation and the people by carrying the flag of an organization even then! Yes, therefore, our sacrifice and suffering says that now when it comes to building a prosperous future for the people, we urge the ex-People’s Liberation Army (PLA) officials and the general public to carry the burden of the country and not of any party organization.”

He said. “My life confirms that no leader can guarantee their (people’s) future,” Kattel said. “I am also a victim of the people’s war.” Now I am wearing an artificial leg. There are many friends like me. They didn’t even look at us! Let’s face it, we are convinced that we have made sacrifices for the nation and the country, but the leaders have assured the people of the country that they will easily create an environment where they can work eight hours a day, have eight hours of entertainment and eight hours of sleep.

Now millions of Nepali youth have to go abroad without finding work. Many people has lost his life on the streets due to starvation. constitutional provision of many of our comrades who have been martyred.” The monarchy was lying in front of us. The leaders are rejoicing in the blood and sweat of the heroic martyrs. He said.

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