PM Oli warns HoR dissolution could repeat

PM Oli warns HoR dissolution could repeat

प्रधानमन्त्री केपी शर्मा ओली

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister KP Oli, justifying his move of dissolving the House of Representatives (HoR), warned the HoR could be dissolved again if a precarious situation arrives where the government and Parliament do not function effectively.

Addressing an all-party meeting at Shital Niwas Tuesday, PM Oli remarked going for fresh elections was the obvious course of action if the political stalemate continued.

“Article 76 and 85 have provisions for Parliament dissolution. If the government and Parliament do not run smoothly, the House could be dismissed again. One should not raise their eyebrows if so happens,” the PM told the gathering of party leaders Tuesday.

The PM also expressed dissatisfaction over the allegation of regression against his House dissolution move.

Likewise, parliamentary party leaders raised questions over the role of the president in the HoR dissolution at the meeting. Replying to such references, President Bhandari stated that she had truthfully abided by the constitution.

President Bhandari said political cooperation and consensus should be continued for effective implementation of the statute and for strengthening democracy in the country. She also stressed dialogue, cooperation and unity were unique features of Nepali politics.

The meeting concluded with the president apprising the leaders about her two-day official visit to Bangladesh on March 22.

The meeting, which was supposed to narrow down the differences among the political parties, failed to yield a positive outcome.

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